Friday, 27 July 2012

Miracle and heroic stories from Colorado shooting

There are so many miracles and hero stories we have heard from the Colarado shooting. Here is one I have just watched of a girl who survived a bullet to her head

Here is another heroic video of a boy who saved his girlfriends life by jumping on top of her and protecting her from the bullets. He died and his girlfriend survived

Friday, 20 July 2012

The Horror Of The Batman Shooting

Its so horrible and I have been sitting here crying so much for all that fear and terror and pain.. So much pain and my heart goes out to you all. It is the time for change. We will go into the opposite we will ping like an elastic band. So so far back into the darkness that when we finally let go and be the love, we will shoot forward like lightning.. It is so horrible all the pain. We will experiance the opposite degree of love and bliss..  It is still so painful for all and I have many tears for you all. But I just want you to know there is hope and its not the end, it is just the beginning xxx